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Enjoy mingling with influencers from around the world at IVCLA events. Network at informal mixers and receptions, educate yourself on global issues at discussions and panels, and celebrate the power of global dialogue at our annual events.

Women of Courage

International Women of Courage Luncheon

Citizen Diplomacy Celebration

The U.S. Secretary of State's Annual International Women of Courage Award recognizes women from around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for peace, human rights, women's empowerment and more. Often at great personal risk, these women have chosen to dedicate their lives to bettering our world. Every year, IVCLA has the honor to welcome these women to Los Angeles and hold a special event to celebrate their contributions to the world.

Citizen Diplomacy Celebration

Each year IVCLA showcases the importance of citizen diplomacy and global dialogue at our Citizen Diplomacy Celebration. It is always a festive event that brings together members of the Los Angeles County Consular Corps, elected officials, IVCLA members and guests, as well as our special International Visitors. Guests enjoy great food, international wines and the opportunity to help raise funds for IVCLA by bidding on exciting silent auction items and purchasing a ticket (or 10!) for our Year of International Dining Drawing. During the event, we are proud to present our Outstanding Citizen Diplomat and Outstanding Professional Resource Awards. To see a list of past honorees, click here

2019 Honorees

Norman Arikawa.jpg

Outstanding Citizen Diplomat

Norman Arikawa

Norman Arikawa has worked at the Port of Los Angeles for over 40 years and is currently the Assistant Director of Trade Development for the Port. His responsibilities include developing inbound and outbound trade, promoting the port and supporting the staff of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of International Trade. He also coordinates visits by foreign officials to the Port, frequently meeting with heads of state, ministers and ambassadors from around the world. He has arranged discussions at the Port for IVCLA’s International Visitor Leadership Program participants on such topics as trade development, port security and environmental initiatives.

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Outstanding Resource

Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment




The Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment supports L.A.'s Neighborhood Council system. Together, the City's 99 Neighborhood Councils form the grassroots, community-based arm of the Los Angeles municipal government. Neighborhood Councils connect the communities they serve to City Hall, advocating on issues like homelessness, housing, public safety, education, parks and sustainability. Since its inception, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment has been a valuable resource for IVCLA. By sharing its work to ensure the City of Los Angeles is responsive to the varied needs and lifestyles of its diverse communities, the Department has inspired many of IVCLA's international visitors to seek similar goals in their home countries.

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2019 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

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Gold Sponsor

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Silver Sponsor

Fulbright Luncheon

Fulbright Luncheon

Each Fall, IVCLA welcomes new and returning international Fulbright Scholarship students to the Los Angeles area at a luncheon hosted by Dr. Amarjit Marwah. The luncheon provides a wonderful opportunity for students to meet each other, make connections, and get to know Los Angeles locals. Fulbright students are joined by IVCLA International Visitors, Consular Corps officials, and IVCLA members to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This popular event is always full of good conversation and delicious food – the perfect environment for fostering global friendships! The Fulbright Luncheon is for members only. For more information, please contact Janet Elliott at

Reception & Mixers
Discussions & Summits

Receptions & Mixers

IVCLA mixers and receptions offer an opportunity for International Visitors, L.A. locals and elected officials, and IVCLA members to share insights, experiences, and opinions in a fun and informal setting. The lively conversations that are fostered build awareness about global issues and improve international understanding. Mixers and receptions are a great environment for a candid, global dialogue that would otherwise not be possible. They are also the perfect opportunity for potential members to learn firsthand how to become a Citizen Diplomat! We look forward to seeing you at our next mixer!

Discussions & Summits

Come join us for a panel discussion, summit or film screening and you'll have the chance to learn something new! Hear a different perspective, be part of a conversation and learn about how to take action on issues that you feel passionate about. Every year, IVCLA partners with organizations, institutions and individuals to host discussions and summits and educate our community about issues that are important to our International Visitors, the L.A. region, and the world. Help us spread awareness about these critical topics by attending our next discussion or summit!

2019's Topics of Focus:

  • Providing insights on issues regarding refugees and immigrants

  • Conveying the importance of climate change and sustainability issues

  • Fostering women's empowerment initiatives

  • Providing dialogue on LGBTQ rights

  • Examining the role of interfaith action in addressing social issues

Young Professional Events

Young Professional Events
Map Table.jpg

Young Professional Events are specially designed to provide opportunities for Young Professionals to get to know International Visitors in a casual setting, build friendships with each other, and expand their local and global networks. Young Professional events include film screenings, happy hour meet-ups, potluck dinners, volunteer activities and more! 

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