Discovering Catalina's Diversity: A Day's Project For 21 International Environmentalists

April 6th: 21 environmentalists from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America visited Catalina Island to explore its ecosystems and learn about the Catalina Island Conservancy’s best practices in biodiversity conservation, wildlife manage-ment and sustainable tourism. Featured in the Catalina Islander, this multi-region group came to Los Angeles to discover and discuss the environmental challenges that the city faces as part of a 7-day program that IVCLA arranged. Read the full article below!

Catalina Island Hosts International Delegation (The Catalina Islander)

48 Women from 48 Countries:

Empowering Women Leaders in STEM

In October, the US Department of State implemented a ground-breaking, 3-week exchange program. The program, #HiddenNoMore, brought 48 women from 48 different countries to the US to discuss empowering women leaders in science, technology, engineering and math. The program was inspired by the 21st Century Fox's film Hidden Figures, so it was only appropriate that the group concluded their three-week adventure in Hollywood. IVCLA was honored to arrange the itinerary for the group's weeklong stay in Los Angeles and was thrilled to partner with 21CF to arrange an exciting day for the group on the Fox Studio Lot. Check out the press below!

Hidden Figures Inspires Historic State Department Exchange (Hollywood Reporter)

Hit Movie 'Hidden Figures' Inspires State Dept. Program (NBC News)

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