“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever does.”

— Margaret Mead

Citizen Diplomacy offers you a way to get closer to the rest of the world. As an IVCLA Citizen Diplomat you become a vital link in the international relations of the United States. The government simply cannot do what IVCLA Citizen Diplomats are doing.

Through the programs IVCLA arranges visitors gain a better understanding of the individuals, organizations and businesses in Greater Los Angeles. These leading international visitors return home to share their experiences and apply the practical knowledge gained during their visit.

As a Citizen Diplomat you will have the opportunity to meet with these emerging leaders through our home hospitality programs and assist in introducing them to the Los Angeles area. Citizen Diplomats and visitors have an exciting opportunity to engage in the mutual exchange of cultures and ideas on an international level. It is our belief that understanding, respect and cooperation can be increased on an international level one person at a time; IVCLA’s Citizen Diplomats make this possible.

Michelle Kwan, 5-time World Figure Skating Champion, explains how you can expand your world. Hosting international visitors is a great way to bring the world to you and learn first-hand about cultures from around the globe.

Expand your world! There are many ways to become involved with IVCLA and promote Citizen Diplomacy in Los Angeles:

  • Become an IVCLA member to cultivate lasting relationships among visitors and help dispel misconceptions about Angelenos.
  • Meet with International Visitors as a Professional Resource, providing a peer-to-peer exchange with an international visitor in your area of expertise.
  • Support IVCLA as a Corporate Sponsor or Ambassador and help us to promote the economic and cultural ties between foreign professionals and their Los Angeles counterparts.
  • Volunteer at IVCLA’s office in downtown Los Angeles or help out at one of our events.

The relationships you develop with people from the rest of the world may in the long run determine the kind of world in which we all live.

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The Impact and Practice of Citizen Diplomacy
By Sherry Lee Mueller, PH.D., and Mark Rebstock, NCIV
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